Complete guide: Start training today!

One of the things I usually hear from people who want to get in shape is that it is very difficult for them to START. Sometimes they start and after a few days stop, postpone it and end up being at the starting point, in the START.

In this guide I am going to help you move from that “I’ll start to train” to “I am training”. “Why do other people find it so pleasant and easy to train? Why is it so hard for me to even start? “

These are the steps that I need to follow in order to start:

  • Set goals (a short and a long term one)

These goals may have to do with gaining muscle, losing weight, having a better performance, learning a new discipline, improving my health, getting fit, running faster, etc. Whatever the objective, I have to analyze it with questions to get to divide it into short and long term goals.

  •  Weekly, monthly and annual planning

Don’t be afraid, this doesn’t mean that we have to plan the whole year in advance. I’ll give an example…

I want to: 

Annual objective: Start to run 10km, 21km or a marathon

Monthly goal: To run more than 35min in a row

Weekly goal: Do 3 or 4 workouts.

 Having my goals in hand I create a spreadsheet with the hours of the week:

  • What is this for?

At first the will and perseverance in training are things that we have not yet achieved. We add our trainings to the hours of the week, include it in our weekly routine and give it a place and an hour. One of the typical excuses is not finding the time, here you can find it! Visualizing your week. Why are we going to work for example? Because we need the money to pay the expenses and to live. We feel it as an obligation and most of the time we respect that schedule no matter what. I want you to do the same with the training schedule, respect it no matter what. It is also an obligation, but it is an obligation with yourself, a commitment that you have to assume, just as you did with your work and other obligations. So, you might say: “but then it is an obligation, nobody enjoys it” and here comes the second part.

  • Once the month is finished, we have to see if we were able to achieve the monthly goal. Following the previous example: running 35 minutes in a row. If we’re able to do so, it will give us extra motivation to start the new 4 weeks and to rethink the monthly goal. In the opposite case we return to the same objective (we evaluate if the objective is realistic, if it is something that we can really achieve) and continue with the weekly planning.
  •  Once we spend some time training, our basal metabolism changes, we begin to feel the benefits of exercise … but to get to that point we need to overcome the first stage in the beginning. That is why I propose that at first you take it as an obligation, as a schedule that you have to fulfill.
  •  What happens when we feel the benefits of exercising? Every time we feel better, every day that goes by our BODY begins to feel the change, as well as our MIND. AND THERE IS WHEN THE BODY BEGINS TO ASK FOR MORE EXERCISE. IT BECOMES PART OF YOUR ROUTINE! You naturally start to incorporate it to your lifestyle, and there you feel it as EASY AND PLEASURABLE. 

 Benefits of the exercise:

  • Decrease in the risk of chronic diseases
  • Better quality of sleep
  • A positive change in mood and mental health
  • Slowing of the aging process
  • Improves sexual life
  • Improves brain health and cognitive activity


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I’m Marcia, I’m from Argentina, currently living in Sydney, Australia. I few years ago I started my fitness journey, and shared my experience through social media.

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