6 ways to motivate yourself to exercise

concept of sports training

“I’ll start to workout next week”, I’m sure you heard this phrase many times. And the truth is that “next week” can take months to become a reality.

Is it hard for you to find motivation to start exercising? I’ll help you with that!

I’ll share these tips that will lift you from your chair and make you move!

Think About the Benefits

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Sweating and getting tired are not usually your main motivators when exercising. However, you must always keep your eyes on the goal.

When you have the initiative to go out and move, keep in mind that you do it for a greater good: the health of your body and your mind. Also consider how your figure will evolve by maintaining a consistent routine.

When you feel like quitting, remember why you started

Fall In Love with Exercise

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Going for a run or just being on the stair climber can become monotonous activities that you don’t enjoy.

To have an extra ‘punch’ when exercising, look for activities that excite you.

Do you like to dance? Try Zumba classes or find a dance teacher. If you’d rather do something a bit more intense, give boxing a try or even crossfit.

Having specific hours will also help you create a routine without you even noticing. Exercising will start to become a habit and part of your lifestyle!

Fitness Clothes

concept of sports training

There is nothing better than buying something you love and going out to show it to the world.

You can do the same when it comes to exercise. Just look for your ideal fitness outfit and accessories that make you can’t wait to show off.

This is my fitness ideal list!

Take the First Step

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Sometimes you’re on your way to the gym and realize that you don’t really want to go. You can change that by planning to do only one activity for just 10 minutes (either walking or running).

When you do, the endorphins will do their part to give you more energy and continue the training for a bit more.

You are ready! The pretexts are over, now it’s your turn to start changing your life. Put your running shoes on!

Keep Track of Your Record (and Share It)

Working out for a full month is probably the first big milestone you’ll achieve, but the problem is that sometimes we forget to look back and see what we’ve accomplished. When you’re able to workout for two weeks in a row, you’re most likely to train for a full month.

Therefore, if you keep track of your workouts, keeping an eye on this chain of achievements will help you motivate yourself.

This is the smart watch I personally use to track my workouts!

Take the Music With You

photo of woman listening to music on earphones running down a sidewalk

Anything becomes more enjoyable if you’re doing it while listening to your favourite playlist. Music helps you stay focused on the goal and avoid distractions that make you doubt your ability.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start today!

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I’m Marcia, I’m from Argentina, currently living in Sydney, Australia. I few years ago I started my fitness journey, and shared my experience through social media.

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