7 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Losing fat in a localized way has been shown to be impossible, but there are certain tricks to promote the loss of abdominal fat and lose fat in general. Try these tips to define your abs and reach your body goal with a six pack. First of all, you should know that to define yourContinue reading “7 Proven Ways to Lose Belly Fat”

How to Set Your Fitness Goal for 2021

Although it may not seem like it, setting goals the right way can be more complex than we tend to think. The SMART protocol was developed a long time ago, which allows us to plan goals in a simple and effective way.   Specific Your goals must be specific. You must be concrete and preciseContinue reading “How to Set Your Fitness Goal for 2021”

6 ways to motivate yourself to exercise

“I’ll start to workout next week”, I’m sure you heard this phrase many times. And the truth is that “next week” can take months to become a reality. Is it hard for you to find motivation to start exercising? I’ll help you with that! I’ll share these tips that will lift you from your chairContinue reading “6 ways to motivate yourself to exercise”

Why Diets Don’t Work

The main recommendation given by many experts for weight loss is usually the same: low-fat hypo-caloric diet. It all comes down to the famous formula: Weight variation = calories ingested – calories expended But according to some studies, 90-95% of the people who try to lose weight with this strategy fail. “What happens to peopleContinue reading “Why Diets Don’t Work”

7 Psychological Advices to Lose Weight

A few years ago I started to learn more about nutrition, which helped me achieve my body goals. As a psychologist, I also began to internalize psychonutirition. Psychonutrition is a relatively new field of study that focuses on improving the relationship that the person has with their diet in order to maintain a normal andContinue reading “7 Psychological Advices to Lose Weight”

7 Tips to Speed up Metabolism

One of the things that I have learned as an athlete is the important role of basal metabolism in achieving our body goals. Basal metabolism is the minimum energy consumption that the body requires to live when it is at rest. This minimum consumption varies from person to person. Although the exact number of caloriesContinue reading “7 Tips to Speed up Metabolism”

9 Foods to Change Your Body

When I started my fitness journey I did not know much about training and less about nutrition. After a couple of months I started to feel stagnant and noticed that I was not progressing. At that time I consulted a nutritionist, who guided me with my diet and showed me how changing my eating habitsContinue reading “9 Foods to Change Your Body”

Protein supplements to go to the gym

Proteins are the most popular macronutrients, and with the boom of fitness in social media it is one of the most consumed supplements. You will be surprised to know that not all proteins are the same and that you may not need as many grams a day as it seems. In addition there are sourcesContinue reading “Protein supplements to go to the gym”

Home Gym Guide: Essential Fitness Equipment for Home Workouts

Regular exercise is a habit known to promote optimal health. You might hate it, might you love it, but it is the most valuable habit you can have in your life. All your efforts will be well rewarded. Exercising affects many areas of your life (even if you don’t realise). You just have to focusContinue reading “Home Gym Guide: Essential Fitness Equipment for Home Workouts”

7 Healthy Mind Tricks to Lose Weight

THE BRAIN TRICKS US Our brain receives signals from the senses and interprets them to give us a taste experience but sometimes it misleads us. For example, we can find that a cheese is more salty and pleasant when we taste it with the knife that we cut it than with a fork, we perceiveContinue reading “7 Healthy Mind Tricks to Lose Weight”