Complete guide to define ABS: Exercises and Nutrition

If you are an athlete or not, if you run or play a sport, getting abs is not easy. Other parts of the body are hard to define, the abdominal area is still more difficult. Which does not mean that it is impossible, with this article I want to help you from my experience asContinue reading “Complete guide to define ABS: Exercises and Nutrition”

Complete guide: Start training today!

One of the things I usually hear from people who want to get in shape is that it is very difficult for them to START. Sometimes they start and after a few days stop, postpone it and end up being at the starting point, in the START. In this guide I am going to helpContinue reading “Complete guide: Start training today!”

Nutrition Guide: How to lose FAT

A few days ago I received an email with a question about body fat and how to achieve the ideal percentage we want. I thought the question was very good, it raises something that usually happens to all of us, when we reach a certain point where we get stuck. Here I show the emailContinue reading “Nutrition Guide: How to lose FAT”